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Live Streaming
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Live Streaming
Saturday Morning Worship Services are broadcast "Live" each week.
The "Live" broadcast is available during Worship Service between 10:50 am - 1:00 pm CST.
Special Events broadcasts will be shown here as well.


Mac Users: If the video does not start above, please click the link
below to launch the live video in Quicktime.
(Snow Leopard Users: There is a known issue with Flip4Mac.)

Launch in external player

If you would like to use a different media player other than the embedded player above, please open
the following link in your media player: mms://live.adventistchurchconnect.org/lonviewheightslive
Software Requirements to View Live Broadcast: 

  For Window users:
Windows Media Player 9 and higher.
    Get Windows Media Player   

For Mac users: Windows Media Components for QuickTime.