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Disabilities Ministry
Mission Statement: No handicap is a disability and no disability is a handicap at Longview Heights SDA Church.
Vision Statements:  
1) To attain 100% accessibility and participation for all members and visitors that are in need of assistance while visiting the Church; 2) To provide information and resources for physically challenged members and visitors to Longview Heights.   

Did You Know?   According to the census bureau at least 54 million Americans have some varying degree of disability.  That means that one in five Americans have a disability (excerpts from North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Home Page "Did You Know").    
Special Note:  Easy to operate stairlifts are available here at Longview Heights for those that have difficulty climbing the steps.  The lifts are located on the west, rear, lower level entrance of the church.  If you need assistance, please ask for an usher.

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