Longview Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church

Amazing Truth Bible School Seminar Series

Facilitator:   Dr. Joseph Jones


Saturday, May 29th (10:00 a.m.)
"What Happens When You Die"
Theme: The State of the Dead"

Saturday, May 29th (11:00 a.m.)
"The Woman, The Silver, and
The Candlestick"
Theme:  Church Validation

Friday, May 28th
"What Next - Earth's
Final Events"
Theme: Second Comming
1000 Years

Thursday, May 27th
"God;'s Last Church in
Bible Prophecy"
Theme:   True Church

Wednesday, May 26th
"How to Look Younger and Live Longer"
Theme:  Health & Tithes

Tuesday, May 25th
"The Father Didn't, The Son Wouldn't, The Apostles....."
Theme:  Change of the Sabbath

Monday, May 24th
"Baptism, is it Sprinkling or What"?
Theme:  (Baptism)

Sunday, May 23rd
"Adam's Mother's Birthday"
Theme: (Sabbath)

Saturday, May 22nd
"Earth's Final Event" (a.m.)
Theme: (Second Coming - 1000 Years)

Saturday, May 22nd
"Grace or Disgrace" (p.m.)
Theme: (Law & Grace)

Friday, May 21st
"Here Comes The Judge"
Theme: (Judgment)

Thursday, May 20th
"God's Global Peace Plan"
Theme: (Salvation)

Wednesday, May 19th
"Our Firm Foundation"
Theme:  (Salvation)

Tuesday, May 18th
"God Who Loves You"
Theme:  (The Godhead)

Monday, May 17th
"Why so much Suffering"
Theme:  (Origin of Sin)

Sunday, May 16th
"Something Greater than
the Name of Jesus"
Theme: (The Word of God)