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UPCOMING EVENTS - see home page "Upcoming Events"
At Longview, we're committed to provide you with productive, motivational and effective activities to help you live a more abundant life. From our Community Services Ministry to the diverse Music Department, our goal is to encourage and uplift all ages while being a beacon to our community.

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Ministry Leaders

Sabbath School Supt.
Brenda Cowan

Adventist Youth Society (AYS)
Stephanie Seay - Leader
Denzel Copeland - Associate

Arts & Archives
Dr. Isaac Fordjour

Dianne Colley - Leader
Tad Yates - Associate
Stephanie Seay - Associate
Erica Coopwood - Leader
Edra Boyd - Associate
Dikerri Mason - Associate
Couples Ministries
Andrew & Sharon Chavers
Family Life Ministries
Willie (Faye) Copeland

Singles Ministries
Charla Folsom & Kristina Johnson

Health Ministries
Sharon Chavers

Media Ministry
Michael Kirkwood

Men's Ministries
Rickey Johnson - Co-Leader
Glenn Elliott - Co-Leader

Music Ministries
Claude Jones - Leader
Thomas C. Mason - Associate

Pathfinder Club
Diane Baker

Financial Literacy
Reginald Coopwood

Prayer Ministries
Sandra Johnson

Prison Ministries
Elder Leo Tate

Seniors' Ministries
Emma Mitchell

Women's Ministries
Diva Moses

Religious Liberty
Thomas Yates Sr.

Audra Owens
Zachary Boyd

Youth Department
Quran Folsom - Coordinator
Charlie Folsom Jr. -

Moriah Brown - Leader
Quran Folsom - Associate

Young Adult Ministry
Charlie Folsom Jr. 

Youth Ministry
Latonya Reed

Children's Church
Tad Yates - Lead
Alicia Smith Steele - Assoc.
Charla Folsom - Assoc.
Sybil Walls - Assoc.

Youth Ministries Communications
Alicia Smith Steele - Leader
Denzil Copeland - Assoc.
Mya Townsell - Assoc.