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Communications Ministries
Believing that with or without a knowledge of any organization, people tend to form opinions on the basis of what they may see or hear, the communications department has committed itself to a program of positive, accurate presentation to establish in the public mind these characteristics of the church and its message:

A Christian church
A respectable  church
An active church
A friendly church
A progressive church
A personally helpful church
A humanitarian church
A growing church
A responsible church
A global church

Such a program requires an awareness and sensitivity to the currents and undercurrents of the times and events, both internally and externally, as they relate to the organization. It requires recognition that the church is in the world, not set apart from the world, in order that it might be a greater, more effective witness to God's love.

Darlene Morris
e-mail: longviewheightssda09@yahoo.com