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Couples Remarry at Longview Heights
By Natalie Owens
  On January 19, 2008, Pastor James Owens and his wife along with sixteen other couples from Longview Heights in Memphis, TN renewed their vows. The Couples Ministries Leader, Florence Latham wanted to do something to see marriages strengthen in spite of the current divorce rates.   What better way to do this then to start the year off by renewing their vows. The couples were beautiful with the women in their gowns and the men in their tuxedos. The couples ranged from 60 years of marriage down to four months. One of the couples participating was non-Adventist and was invited by their brother to join in the ceremony.
  The couples were encouraged to participate in workshops that were conducted during the week on Companionship, Communication and Commitment.   Local Pastors and their wives did the workshops: Companionship (Pastor Mark & Angela Hyde), Communication (Pastor Nelson & Lornette Stokes) and Commitment (Pastor James & Natalie Owens). Pastor Watson from the New Covenant SDA Church delivered a moving sermon during divine worship on commitment as well as officiated during the ceremony. Pastor Watson encouraged the couples to guard the Head (husband) and the Heart (wife) with grace and love to name a few. One visitor stated how moved she and her husband were by the ceremony and she couldn’t wait to take it back to her Pastor. Another visitor asked, “If the church could do it every year?” 

Florence Latham, Leader



Florence Latham and
her husband