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Prayer Ministry News
1st Quarter 2011
For those of you who missed our early morning services in March, it was melodiously led by Claude Jones and the music department. Thank you for bringing us those thoughts from on high. Thank you, DP, for the lessons on forgiveness and the wonderful continental breakfast! This month Deacon Joe Watkins and his team will be responsible for our early morning services. Join us every Sabbath morning at 8am for a powerful prayer experience!
Upcoming Events:
Retirement Brunch- Coming Soon! Keep your eyes on the bulletin to find out when, and who our guest of honor will be!
1,000 Praying Men- Coming soon! We need as men as possible to plan to be at this event. For more details, go to the South Central Conference Website or see Annie Miller or Sandra Johnson.
FYI – President Edmond has asked the conference constituents to fast for the conference on the first Tuesdays of every month, for ½ day. The Southern Union is asking the constituents to fast for the Union for ½ day, the first Friday of each new quarter.
May the Lord Grant you courage, strength, wisdom and knowledge during our 40 day fast!
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