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Volunteering for Community Services
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Volunteering for Community Services

Ministry Description #12 (AdventSource)

For more than 100 years the Seventh-day Adventist Church has sponsored social work, disaster reliefe and public health services in North America and around the world.  It views the church as a servant body. Created for service, Christ's followers serve the Lord in praise, serve one another in love, and serve the world in humilty.

Christ modeled for us the life of service.  He "went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed." (Acts 10:38).

Christ identified with the poor and oppressed.  "He fed the hungy and healed the sick.  By the good he accomplished, by His loving words and kindly deeds, He interpreted the Gospel to men," comments Ellen White.  "Christ's work in behalf of man is not finished.  It continues today.  In like manner His ambassadors are to preach the gospel and to reveal His pitying love for lost and perishing souls.  by an unselfish interest in those who need help they are to give a practical demonstration of the truth of the gospel." (Welfare Ministry, pages 56-57)

God calls every man and woman to service.  Every believer is called to ministry, gifted by the Holy Spirit, and in baptism ordained for ministry. (Eph. 4:11-12)  The church is a kingdom of priests set free to minister for Christ.  Our priesthood is to each other within the church and to the world.  A community service volunteer is a ministering servant of God.

Duties of a Community Services Volunteer
The program varies from place to place, based on local needs.  In about 500 cities and towns across the United States, Canada and Bermuda, Adventist Community Services centers operate.  In thousands of other locations ACS projects work out of church basements and borrowed facilities.  The work of a community service volunteer might include any of the following activities:

Adopt a grandparent Family finance seminar Marriage seminar
Adoption Services Family life workshop Meals on wheels
ADRA Voltunteering Field trips Migrant ministry
Advocacy program Financial counseling Newcomer ministry
Alcohol program First aid class Operation overcoat
Baby care class Follow-up contacts Operation Paintbrush
Bible study group Food bank/pantry Parenting seminar
Big brother/sister Food distribution Pathfinder Club
Blind camp Foster child care Preparing for baby class
Blind services Foster grandparenting Prison ministry
Board member Free clinic Public relations
Camping for children Fund raising Receptionist
Child care Furniture program Refugee ministry
Children's story hour Grantsmanship Runaway shelter
Clothing/bedding program Grief recovery seminar Self-help groups
Community Cupboard Handicapped services Senior citizen group
Community surveys Health appraisals Senior citizen lunches
Cooking school Health education Sewing class
Counseling services Health screening Shoes for little shavers
Craft class Home nursing Smoking cessation program
Deaf services Home nursing class Soup kitchen
Disaster response Homeless shelter Stress seminar
Divorce recovery seminar Homemaker services Suicide prevention
Domestic violence program Immigration program Support group
Door-to-door contacts Information and referral service Tax assistance
Drug abuse detox Inner city program Telephone friend program
Drug abuse prevention Intake desk Transients aid
Drug abuse rehabilitation Inter-agency liaison Transportation assistance
Families of prisoners Interviewing clients Tutoring
Family camping Job-finding service Vacation Bible School
Family counseling Job training program Van ministry
Family finance seminar Layettes Videos, educational
Family life workshop Legal aid Visiting the aged
Field trips Literacy tutoring Visiting the sick
Financial counseling Literature rack Weight control program