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The state of Tennessee has received more than $18 million to help low-income citizens with their heating bills during October, November and December. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides the grant. (The Memphis News Oct. 31-Nov. 1,2009 Issue, p 2)
The Med is a world class, accute-care teaching hospital best known for its cutting-edge level-one trauma center, neonatal intensive care unit, high risk obstetrics center and burn center.(Downtowner, Oct.2009, p 21)

The money spent on health problems stemming from obesity accounts for almost 10 per cent of all medical costs is approaching $147 billion a year, according to a recent study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (The Memphis News, August 1-2, 2009, p .18.    
Family Ministries Leaders

Family Life Ministry
Bro. Herbert Brown Sr.
(901) 396-0788

Couples Ministry
Sis. Florence Latham
(901) 218-2853

Men's Ministry
Dr. Isaac Fordjour
(901) 396-5311

Seniors Ministry
Sis. Rubye Brown
(901) 396-0788

Singles Ministry
Sis. Marilyn Allen
(901) 789-1469

Women's Ministry
Sis. Sandra Johnson
(901) 278-1341